Workplace Bullying is a culture.


‍They say that a happy workplace is productive, but what about the opposite? What about an unhappy workplace? Well, it’s not exactly productive and can have some devastating impacts.


Consider the case of workplace bullying. It may be subtle at first and difficult to detect, but it can quickly take over a team or department if left unchecked.

We all know somebody who has been affected by workplace bullying in one form or another. This is because it’s not just something that happens once in a blue moon: it is an insidious culture that often goes unnoticed until it has taken hold and begins wreaking havoc. Keep reading to learn more about how you can recognize the signs of impending danger so you can protect those you care about from its negative effects.


What is workplace bullying?

Workplace bullying is a form of abuse that can take many different forms. It typically involves a person in a position of power or authority over another who uses that position to demean, undermine, humiliate and/or threaten the other person.


It is an insidious and detrimental culture that can take root and flourish in a variety of environments. The most common types of bullying are verbal (such as name-calling, threats and insults); emotional (such as intimidation, fear and/or isolation); and/or physical (such as hitting, kicking or other violent behaviour).


Bullying behaviour in the workplace

Bullying behaviour in the workplace can be completely unprovoked or can be based on a single incident or misunderstanding. Even if the instigator is sincerely sorry, the impact of the behaviour is often long-lasting and can have devastating consequences.


If it is not addressed and dealt with, it can create a culture of fear among employees and have a devastating impact on productivity and company morale. If you have been experiencing bullying behaviour in the workplace, you have likely been feeling demoralized and perhaps even resentful. You may be feeling that nobody is on your side or that you have nowhere to turn for help. If you are being bullied, the negative effects can be devastating and can impact your health, your happiness and your career.


The cost of bullying behaviour

The negative effects of workplace bullying are both glaringly obvious and devastating. It is important to note that workplace bullying has no connection to employee tenure: it can happen to anybody, regardless of how long they have been with the company. This is because it is not a result of performance: it is a result of a toxic culture being allowed to flourish.


The cost of this culture can be devastating for both the company and the individuals involved. It can result in loss of productivity due to missed work due to illness or even employee suicide. It can result in employees feeling resentful and anxious, which is not a productive way to work. In short, it can completely destroy a team or department and can even end up destroying the entire company.


Ways to help prevent workplace bullying

The best way to help prevent workplace bullying is to make sure that it is actively being watched for. If the company has a healthy culture, the signs of bullying behaviour should be obvious.


If there is a bullying culture, it is important to be able to recognize it and take action to stop it before it gets out of control.

– Be aware of your own behaviour as well as the behaviour of others
– Be on the lookout for warning signs 

– Be willing to step in when you see bullying behaviour


Bottom line

Ultimately, workplace bullying is a culture that must be actively combatted. It is a destructive force that can have a devastating impact on both productivity and company morale. This means that those in charge must be willing to pay attention to the culture, be on the lookout for signs of bullying behaviour and be willing to step in when they see it happening.


If you are in a position of authority, remember that your employees are counting on you to help keep the culture of your company healthy and productive.


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